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Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are nail enhancements made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic product. Once a nail technician applies this acrylic to a client’s nails, the material hardens and becomes much stronger. And then it can be buffed and filed to the customer’s liking.


A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon. A manicure consists of filing and shaping the free edge of nails, pushing and clipping (with a cuticle pusher and cuticle nippers) any nonliving tissue (but limited to the cuticle and hangnails), treatments with various liquids, massage of the hand, and the application of fingernail polish.


A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic purposes. They are popular throughout the world, and especially among women.
Pedicures include care not only for the toenails; dead skin cells are rubbed off the bottom of the feet using a rough stone (often a pumice stone). Skin care is often provided up to the knee, including granular exfoliation, moisturizing, and massage.

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About Kara's Nails & Spa - Top Nail Salon in Westford, MA.


Kara’s Nails & Spa provides superior nail care services to our customers in a relaxing and hygienic environment. Owned and operated by Kara Bo Since 2010 and staffed by friendly, licensed nail care professionals.

We offer a wide selection of nail salon & spa services — including manicures, acrylic and gel nail enhancements, natural nail overlay services, deluxe pedicures featuring Whirlpool footspas with relaxing massage chairs — and more!

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best nail care & spa services in the Littleton, Westford, Chelmsford and Greater Lowell area in MA!

Appointments & walk-ins are always welcome, and we hope to see you soon   !

Our Best Nail Salon & Spa Services

Kara’s Nails Salon & Spa is dedicated to offer the best nail care & spa services in Westford MA. Our top nail salon & spa services include, Regular Manicure, Regular Pedicure, Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure, Spa Pedicure, Dipping Manicure, Re - Fullset Acrylic, Gel Fullset Acrylic, Fullset Dipping, Fullset Ombre, Ombre Refill, Fullset Pink & White, Refill Pink & White, French Manicure and other nail beauty services.

What Our Customers Say

"Great service!! Totally value for money. Not really hard sell but they do strongly suggest that you buy their packages. Thumbs up for their great service!"
Anya Taylor
"The person who did the service was Kara! It was awesome Experience ! I like how they do my nails very clean and meticulous. Thank you!😃"
Josephine Marie
"Kara did gel manicure for me and helped me pick out the perfect colour. She is very nice, patient and sweet too! very happy and satisfied."  

Evelyn Victoria

Premier Nail Care service in Westford, MA

Kara's Nail Spa provides premier nail care manicure and pedicure services in Westford town, Massachusetts. If there is anything we desire the most, it is to delight our customers and earn their smile. Nail polishing is as much an art as it is a skill. Hence, at Kara's Spa, our nail artists are trained manicurists and pedicurists, experienced in nail care, hands and feet therapy. Speak to our staff and you will know that you are in the good hands of an expert. So head down to Kara's Nail Spa and pamper yourself with our fabulous manicures, pedicures and relaxing foot massages.

I was Never really was a nail person, until I started getting regular pedicures at the Kara's Nails Spa. They're all super friendly and know what they're doing! Their prices are reasonable too. I got a gel manicure and regular pedicure. Overall Wonderful experience. Professional, clean, and well-ventilated. Thank you Kara!
Gabriella Martin

Look and Feel Your Best

Get yourself some gorgeous nail style done with artography's talented artists in Kara's Nails Spa who can achieve the best look you can expect. Visit us to get an amazing Experience !

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We are in the business for almost 10 years in Westford MA. We do whatever it takes to make our customers be happy and satisfy with our products, service and importantly is our skill. Our philosophy are : customers talk we listen, Customers show us we make. We're completely dedicated to work as per our Customers requirements. We assure you the best Experience & Satisfaction when you step out from our Salon.

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