French Manicure


Kara’s Nails and Spa offers Westford’s best pink French manicure at just $40. Order online now and get Free shipping in the US.



French manicure is one of the classic beauty treatments for nails. It is suitable for those who wish to look simple and elegant. The light pink at the base and white stripe at the tip completes the French manicure or classically termed as French polish.

If the French manicure isn’t done by an expert, it may look sad!

Choose Kara’s Nails and Spa French manicure services to give yourself complete professional-made nail beauty treatments.

Pink French manicures are the world’s popular French manicures and no wonder why most Hollywood celebrities prefer them.

Kara’s nails and spa offers Westford’s best French manicure at just $40. We offer FREE SHIPPING not only in Westford, Massachusetts but also across the United States of America (USA).

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